We pioneer a new class of probiotics. Nature is our source of inspiration: archae-bacteria naturally produces a proprietary mucosal immune stimulant which promotes protection against a range of diseases and optimizes metabolism. At Arkaïya we use it to supply more efficient probiotics for the food industry.  After extensive R&D in collaboration with EPFL since 2015  we have successfully tested our archaea probiotic feed supplement in a variety of trials.  Continuous collaboration with Swiss academic institutes provides a vast scope of applications in human health. For years the gut microbiota has been neglected and much has still to be discovered and understood. Physiologists and immunologists are joining forces and techniques to select the microbiome we need to accommodate better health. Probiotics are used in baby, child and adult health areas that include gut, immunity, obesity, skin, pregnancy, oral and bone health. 

Our mission

  • Select the right strains and mix of archaea and bacteria
  • Restore and maintain the microbiota in favor of better health
  • Lead the archaea probiotic market

Archaea advantages

Archaea-bacteria form the third kingdom in the tree of life separate to Bacteria and Eukarya. There is a rapidly growing appreciation by scientists that archaea have a keystone role in the human microbiota and a significant influence on the immune system. Competitive advantages of archaea probiotics include:

  • Compatible to treat antibiotic associated diseases
  • Cell wall structure not destroyed by antibiotics
  • Heat-stable cellular structure compatible with food industry processes
  • Regulation of gut pH by functioning as the main ‘hydrogen sink’
  • Detoxifying bacteria fermentation by-products
  • Promoting diversification of fermentative bacteria in the gut microbiota
  • Adaptation to mucosal surfaces stimulating beneficial natural antibodies and barrier functions