A large market to capture with green arguments

The US$ 3.56 billion probiotic ingredient market, today, derives primarily from lactobacillus, bifidobacteria and boulardii yeast.

ARCHAEA is THE NEWCOMER with several key competitive advantages:

  • Already present in many higher animals
  • The only heat resistant probiotic ingredient (non-spore)
  • Regulates the gut pH by functioning as the main ‘hydrogen sink’
  • Detoxifies by-products of bacteria fermentation
  • Potent stimulant of mucosal barrier function

On the way to success

  • Arkaïya  has been granted strategic patents on the use of archaea in food and feed for the improvement of veterinary and human health.
  • Major industrial actors are waiting on further results, mostly in term of production capabilities and cost reduction before joining the venture.
  • Business Angels active in innovative biotech companies have decided to finance the new company, based on proof of concept validation in laboratory and field trials.
  • Investors believe it is possible to capture a significant part of the probiotic market.
  • Production in sizeable quantity will start in 2023 with aquaculture and veterinary applications.